Skip web and privacy attacks with the world's 1st One-Time Browser

  • Protects against hostile sites
  • Outsmarts web tracking
  • Unblocks censored content
  • Fake Browser Fingerprints
  • Faster web browsing
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Immunity Zone Demo

Immunity Zone is an on Demand One-Time Browser. It immunizes against web attacks and makes you invisible on the web. All pages are loaded on our servers and displayed by a Browser-inside-a-Browser. This way privacy invasion and Internet surveillance can't affect you anymore.


Disarm Hostile Websites

Websites are loaded by our servers. Browser Exploits can't enter your machine; your browser becomes immune on the Internet.

Unlock the Web

Don't let content to be hidden from you. Use Immunity Zone to bypass Internet Censorship in your home country. Our servers are located datacenters without content restrictions.

Outsmart Tracking

Tracking cookies and browser fingerprinting become useless, as long your remote browsing environment is temporary. Data is flushed on log out.

Faster Browsing

Immunity Zone accelerates page loading and optimizes resources on the fly. Turbocharge your web by using SPDY on every page.

Fake Browser Fingerprints

Browser fingerprints get streamlined and become undistinguishable from each other. Your real browser's identity can't be detected by websites.

Block Behavioural Analytics

Many websites analyse your typing and mouse movement behaviour. We normalize inputs and make behavioural analytics impossible.

Bypass Internet Censorship

Free yourself from censorship. Our servers are hosted around the globe and make Internet censorship impossible. Let freedom win.

Zero Logging Policy

We don't log visited websites or any other user input. Logging your data would conflict with Swiss law and our moral. We just don't do it (terms).

Real Identity Obfuscation

We mask your online identity by providing a standardized browsing environment and IP Address. Your real identity gets obfuscated.

Let freedom win.